Buyers' Top 3 Favorite 30A Beach Towns

Posted by Jamie Conley on Thursday, July 29th, 2021 at 5:47pm.

30A Beach Towns

What areas/beach towns along 30A are experiencing the most activity and interest of buyers so far this year? If you live in or own property in Seagrove Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, or Watercolor then you’re in a very popular location indeed. So, like most property owners, in today's market, you are not only most likely enjoying a significant equity increase, but buyers are actively looking and buying in your Beach Towns the most right now!

Maintaining its #1 ranking as a 30A Favorite Beach Town is Seagrove Beach.  This little town was branded as "The Place Where Mother Nature Did Her Best" by founding developer CH McGee back in the 1920s. and 30s.   Today Seagrove begins on the eastern border of Seaside and extends just beyond the Eastern Lake area of 30A.  It now encompasses over 3700 properties and vacation rentals make up approximately 73% of the homes and condos located within Seagrove Beach.

Coming in the second position is Blue Mountain Beach. This popular beach town proudly boasts the highest dune elevations along 30A and is also catching a lot of attention with buyers this year. A little over half the homes and condos located in Blue Mountain are vacation rentals.  For those who may want to live near the beach but in a slightly less busy area along 30A,  Blue Mountain Beach ideally fits that bill for year-round owners, second homes owners as well as vacationers.

Rounding out the number 3 spot as a Favorite Beach Town for 30A buyers is Watercolor. It boasts over 1100 homes and multifamily units situated within nearly 500 acres of woodlands, lakefront, and gulf frontage making Watercolor a very popular coastal destination along 30A.

With 155 days remaining in 2021, we did a quick look at sales for all properties located along 30A.  What we found was an increase of 50% in the total number of sales when compared with the same time in 2020. And condo owners this next bit of information is great news for you! Your segment of the market is currently enjoying the largest number of sales increase in 2021.  The total number of units sold along the 30A area of the beach is up by a whopping 76% this year.  So buyers are definitely interested in condo ownership here right now.!

Below, we breakdown down the market numbers for the current Top 3 Beach Towns.

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Seagrove Beach #1      #1 Seagrove Numbers


Watercolor     WC #3

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